Woodchip Mulch

Our woodchip is an alternative to bark and is 100% British. Our woodchip is ideal for landscaping on a budget and consists of a mixture of hardwood and softwood. The benefits of using our woodchip is that it helps soils retain moisture in the Summer, suppresses weeds, protects plant roots from extreme temperatures, improves soil texture and gives a decorative finish to your beds and borders.

Our woodchip is best applied to a moist and weeded border in the mid to late Spring and Autumn, when the soil is warm and moist.

Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag of Composted Woodchip / Mulch

Van Load

Van level load of Composted Woodchip / Mulch


To place your order please call us on 01908 410555

If you require larger amounts of woodchip for Schools, woodland paths, stables and allotments we can deliver in our tractor and trailer.

Please call the office for more details on 01908 410555

Loose Cordwood
Loose Cordwood